Sunday, December 05, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 137

The Ragman has been investigating a series of strange, brutal attacks that began near his neighborhood in Gotham City. He has carefully followed the trail up the Eastern Seaboard, gathering evidence and closing in on the assailant. He comes into Brooklyn, NY, knowing that the culprit will be found somewhere in the city. Fearing that he may not be able to take the criminal down alone, he contacts the visiting Superman for backup. He explains the evidence so far: innocents injured and buildings demolished by someone with superhuman strength and little regard for bystanders, a swath of targeted destruction all along the Atlantic coastline, and traces of strange dirt at each crime scene. The signs all point toward a single culprit: Brooklyn's resident golem, the Monolith! But why would the clay creature lash out like this? And if it has truly become such a remorseless monster, can even the combined might of the Man of Steel and the Tattered Tatterdemalion take it down?

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