Thursday, December 02, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 134

Winter in Wainwright, Alaska means long stretches of time where the sun never rises above the horizon. For some, such conditions can lead to depression or altered sleep cycles, but there's one being who would find it to be the perfect environment. And when a nearby team of climatologists dug up an ice core containing a strange black diamond, that entity was released. Now, Eclipso has taken over the small northern town, possessing nearly every one of the six hundred citizens. Superman has come to the North Shore to drive away the darkness, knowing intimately the dangerous consequences if he were to be possessed as well. So the Man of Steel has called in backup from a team with a little experience dealing with divine spirits of vengeance: the Shadowpact! It's eight heroes against six hundred innocents, each with the power of an evil god!

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