Monday, December 27, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 159

The artifact is written in song and legend, passed down through the ages. Like so many such devices, from the Starheart to the Helmet of Fate, it has taken many forms--usually some sort of scarf or helm. When it blows into Caribou, Maine, one of America's snowiest cities, it has taken on a fairly familiar, if antiquated form: a silk top hat. It lands lightly in a snow-covered park, where children had built a number of snowmen. And then, as with every other time the artifact had found its way to the frozen places, something was born. Something great and cold and powerful, birthed from the ice and snow and wind and hail with the force and violence of a blizzard. The birth of a new elemental is always a touchy situation, and Superman hopes to ensure that the powerful creature emerges as a benevolent force. Otherwise it will be a god of ice against a Man of Steel, and those odds are stacked against our hero!

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