Thursday, December 23, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 155

Clark Kent spends a few quiet moments walking through Seneca Falls, New York, thinking to himself. Superman has been traveling the country, after spending nearly a year in space, and while there have been cover stories for Clark's whereabouts, it seems like no one outside of his immediate family really noticed he was gone. He is Clark Kent, and he's learned time and time again that nothing could change that, that he could never give up his civilian identity entirely. But as he walks across the bridge over the Seneca River, he can't help but wonder if he might be a more effective hero if he'd never been Clark Kent in the first place--and with the help of a very familiar angel, he need wonder no more! Strangely and suddenly, he finds himself in a world without Clark Kent, a world where his rocket was found by the military, where his counterpart was raised by government scientists, and where a super-soldier called Skyman leads America's peacekeeping force, the Justice Squadron! Now Clark Kent must find his way back to the world where he belongs, even if he has to fight himself to do it!

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