Friday, December 10, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 142

When a Boom Tube opens in the Ohio sky and sends an object crashing into Lake Erie, Superman is the first person on the scene. He dives to the bottom, fearing the worst--some Apokoliptian superweapon, launched as Darkseid's final posthumous revenge against the Earth, or worse, as a first volley to announce his resurrection. The Man of Steel expects a device designed to turn the midwest into a firepit or a biopsychological bomb that would unleash Anti-Life once more. Instead, he discovers a glowing capsule, pinging with the pained cries of a distraught Mother Box, and containing an infant boy. Now, with Intergang closing in, Superman must protect the precious cargo from the evil forces that would exploit or destroy it. Who can the Man of Tomorrow trust to raise the Last Son of New Genesis?

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