Thursday, December 09, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 141

While Superman and the Anointed One duke it out over Washington, D.C., dark forces are congregating in nearby Seneca Creek State Park. The demon-mother Lilith has not lightly taken her humiliating defeat at Superman's hands, and she has found some powerful allies in her quest for revenge. Procuring Eclipso's black diamond was child's play; smuggling it into Asmodel's heavenly prison was considerably more difficult, but well worth the effort. And from Perdition, she summons the giant Amalek, to lead her demon hordes. As they march toward the capital, Superman realizes the true meaning of Dreamer's prophecy, but the Anointed One is in no mood to give up the fight. Now the Man of Steel must convince the ancient warrior to join forces against the queen of demons and her fallen angel consort, before they lay waste to Washington--and then, the world! Even with Dreamer, the Anointed One, and Shadowpact on his side, though, can Superman defeat an infernal army Hell-bent on his destruction?

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