Friday, March 04, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 226

It was just meant to be a little shortcut through one of the dimensions on the very outskirts of Hell, a quick time-saving jaunt, but when John Constantine stepped out from the veil between worlds into Houma, LA, he set something terrible in motion. The egg-laden hellbore bug hopped off his trenchcoat as easily and quickly as it had hopped on, and set about caring for its impending larvae. Now, scarcely two weeks later, Superman arrives in the southern town to find it infested with thousands of the infernal insects. They're destroying the buildings, devouring the flora, and terrorizing the citizenry--and then the Man of Steel discovers what they've done to Houma's resident elemental! If he's to save the Swamp Thing and Houma, Superman is going to have to play exterminator--and exorcist!

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