Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 240

When Superman responds to an ultrasonic beacon originating on Fort Carroll, an abandoned artificial island just south of Baltimore, MD, he's not certain what waits for him. What he finds is a young solder named Brandy Dunning, who has sought the Man of Steel's assistance in a one-woman whistleblower campaign. In her possession, she has a laptop hard drive containing thousands of classified U.S. military and government files, ranging from trivial memos to detailed dossiers on Task Force X, Enclave A, Project 7734, and dozens of other shady dealings. What she has seen in these files compelled her to act, but her loyalty to country and code have prevented her from going directly to the press. So she turns the information over to Superman, trusting him to be able to do the right thing. Now, Superman is forced to choose between his journalistic instincts and the American government--and either way, he must face the consequences!

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