Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 253

On modern maps, it is called Key West, but the Florida island's original name was Cayo Hueso, which translates literally to "bone key." Historians have developed hypotheses about the reasons for that ominous name, and only a few have even suspected the truth. But today, Dr. Barbara Minerva has finally discovered the Bone Key itself, and when she unlocks the Skeleton Door on one of the remote islands of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge, it unleashes the power of a forgotten animal god--a power that only the Cheetah can harness! As her bestial army advances on the inhabited islands, the Superman Family stands as the only line of defense! Superman and Superboy take on the terrible Turtle-Men! Steel and Supergirl combat the cunning Commandospreys! Meanwhile, it's up to Starlight and Power Girl to face the deified Cheetah! If they fall, so falls the human race!


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Tom Foss said...

Natasha Irons' "52"-era codename. A power change made her "Vaporlock" in "Infinity, Inc.," but she had different powers--more similar to the "52" ones--while undercover during the New Krypton storyline. I figure she might as well have a codename, and in my mind, her new costume can sprout armor, has an energy-generated hammer, and is modeled on the Electric Superman costume.