Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 249

Before Superman sets foot in the little village of Ivoryton, CT, a young dark-haired girl stops him. "Beware, Superman. It's a trap," she tells him simply, matter-of-factly. There certainly don't appear to be any dangers; the townspeople are friendly, if a little distant, and a quick super-sense sweep doesn't even reveal any lead containers that could hold kryptonite. In fact, the only thing that seems out of place is that quiet little girl, who always seems to be close by.

That is, until Superman steps into the Ivoryton Tavern Cafe and the promethium-alloy walls close in, while the nanocolony-android townspeople attack him with hi-tech weapons and superhuman strength! But who is behind this mechanical assault? What happened to the real people of Ivoryton? And why is that little girl so motivated to help the Man of Tomorrow?

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