Friday, April 01, 2011

Batman's SabBATical: Day 254

Bruce Wayne's worldwide Batman, Inc. recruitment drive brings him to Tel Aviv, where the streets and alleyways are patrolled by the mysterious Hadassah and her teen sidekick Shepherd, the so-called "Goy Wonder." But Batman's not the only visitor to the White City this night--Victor Goodman is in town, and armed with the Orb of Ra, King Tut plans to revisit the Biblical plagues on the Mediterranean coast! As the sea turns to blood and frogs choke the streets, Batman and his Israeli allies race for the source of the disturbance, before darkness falls--along with the first-born child of Thomas and Martha Wayne! But once the threat of King Tut has been abated, Hadassah must still survive...her Bat mitzvah!

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LurkerWithout said...

That was a terrible, terrible pun. TERRIBLE.