Friday, August 13, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 23

Superman's in the Atom's stomping grounds, Ivy Town, Connecticut. While on a brief visit to Ivy University, Superman finds something unexpected--Ryan Choi! And Ryan Choi! And Ryan Choi! A time traveling mishap with Chronos has split the Atom along temporal lines, and the Choises are increasing exponentially. It's up to Superman to help Ryan pull himselves back together, but they're going to need Chronos's help to do it. Meanwhile, Dwarfstar learns that his dead Choi is just one of many, and he's looking to complete the set. Can the Man of Steel and the Subatomic Scientist stop the fission before there are no more Atoms left? An All-New Era for the All-New Atom starts here!


Will Staples said...

"Splitting the Atom".

Very nice.

Tom Foss said...

Thanks. My goal for this was to pitch a story that could have happened in Simone's crazy-awesome Atom run. I hope I succeeded.