Saturday, March 12, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 234

Clark Kent is in Madison, WI, covering a massive public employee strike that has put everyone from firefighters to schoolteachers on the picket lines. The crowd's mood is considerably lighter and more confident today, thanks to visiting billionaire Oliver Queen. In addition to giving some stirring speeches to rally the faithful and sending in a team of high-priced lawyers to fight for organized labor, Queen has pledged to use his own fortune to ensure that no one on the picket line misses a paycheck until the anti-union laws have been overturned. But when a private metahuman police force drops in to end the protest, it's up to Green Arrow and Superman to stop them!

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Will Staples said...

I have a feeling that Ollie Queen would be the DCU's George Soros - ie, mostly harmless but a lightning rod for right-wing paranoia.