Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 167

When Superman returns to Beebe, Arkansas, he finds a familiar figure among the thousands of dead blackbirds--former Justice Leaguer Manitou Raven! What terrible danger could have drawn the spirit-mage back into the land of the living, and how does it connect to the strange tribesmen who attacked the Man of Steel the day before? The answers lie in a strange satellite, buried in a secret location in the Ozark National Forest. The case and electronics were manufactured by LexCorp, and its purpose appears to be as a deep-space probe. But why does it have trace amounts of Kryptonite within it? What is the "Q Foundation" whose logo adorns its hull? And why do the age patterns suggest that it's over three hundred years old? While Manitou Raven helps Superman unravel these mysteries, elsewhere a dark ritual proceeds. An ancient tribe, a centuries-old offshoot of the Osage people, use ancient rituals handed down from their forefathers and blood drawn from the prophesied Kryptonian, to summon something from the great beyond. And as a hundred thousand dead fish choke the shores of the Arkansas River, a drumbeat can be heard, sounding from beneath all things the name of the destroyer.

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