Monday, January 10, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 173

The statue of Ceres was stolen from atop the Vermont State House in Montpelier the night before Superman walked into town. But when he visits the State House, he sees the familiar figure of the Roman goddess, still standing atop the gilded dome. Of course, Superman's as surprised as anyone else when Ceres begins to speak! The goddess is none too happy about the act of vandalism against her effigy, and she's offering the people of Vermont an ultimatum: Ceres will be restored to its rightful place, one way or another. Almost immediately afterward, astronomers around the world record a stunning phenomenon. The dwarf planet Ceres has moved out of its orbit within the asteroid belt, and is on an impossible collision course with Earth! Superman has twenty-four hours to find and replace the statue of Ceres, or Vermont will be wiped off the map--along with the rest of North America!

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