Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 168

The Anti-Sun has risen, and its dawn means the last day for humanity! Thanks to the dark rituals of a forgotten tribe, the corrupt teachings of Lex Luthor, and a few drops of Kryptonian blood, Mageddon has been resurrected, and this time no force in the universe can stand against it! As anti-sunlight leeches the life from the world, the only hope lies in Superman and Manitou Raven, and a desperate trip into the remote past! Over three hundred years ago, a time-tossed Q Foundation space probe crashed in the Ozarks, carrying a secret cargo of Kryptonite and instructions by a Mageddon-controlled Lex Luthor. Found by a few outcasts from the Osage people, it led to a secret tribe, dedicated to the return of the primordial destroyer. Now, the Man of Steel and his mystical companion hope to alter that past, retrieving the probe before it corrupts history, and preventing Mageddon's release. But how can they stop events that have already happened? And if they succeed, what else might they change?

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