Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 179

After the brutal beating of a suspected petty thief, facts came to light about a gang of rogue police officers operating in the streets of Milwaukee, WI. The gang, called the "Wild Dogs," were typically identified by the symbol of a laughing red hound, similar to the mascot for a midwestern University, adorning caps, stickers on cars and lockers, and occasionally tattoos, belonging to the officers. The known members of the "Wild Dogs" were fired, but rumors and irregularities in other cases suggest that they're still active, and that their reach extends deeper into the Milwaukee police force than anyone could have suspected. Clark Kent investigates, interviewing the captain and detectives who broke the case, but these vigilantes don't take kindly to his snooping. Kent's story might be able to shed light on the rogue lawmen, but cleaning up the crooked cops is a job for Superman!