Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 182

Superman expected his walk through Butte County, South Dakota to be uneventful, a scenic tour of the territory's beautiful hills and prairies. But as he nears the geographic center of the United States, he encounters something shocking: Bizarro, walking backwards along the same path! In this installment, we flip the map and take a look at some of Bizarro's strange adventures from his own tour across the United States! In Las Vegas, high-rolling Bizarro takes on Lobo--and takes him to the cleaners! In Olympia, Bizarro encounters a desperate, defeated Maxie Zeus, seeking revenge on this anti-Apollo! In Seattle, Bizarro enters the Powerhouse superhero convention's costume contest! In Orem, Utah, Bizarro has a very strange reaction to synthetic Blue Kryptonite! Bizarro enters the ring in Santa Fe, taking on Los Atómicos as El Hombre del Revés! Off the San Francisco coast, Bizarro teams with Batzarro for a daring Alcatraz break-in! All this and more in this extra-sized Walking with Bizarro!

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