Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 176

When Metropolis fell, superheroes and magicians gathered to restore it. When cataclysm struck Gotham City, multinational corporations stepped in to rebuild it. Even Coast City, razed by alien bombs and turned into an engine of destruction, has managed to recover. But when the caustic colossus Chemo was dropped on Blüdhaven, NJ, no serious attempt was made to undo the damage. The bulk of the city was walled off, then incinerated by Captain Atom, becoming a rubble-strewn backdrop for the most recent crisis. Today, the ruins of Blüdhaven are an open, rotting sore on the Atlantic Coastline, a dead, foreboding wasteland populated by sickly mutants and patrolled sparingly by the Atomic Knights. But when Superman crosses the wall, he finds that even among such desolation, life goes on. Something new has risen from the ashes of Gotham's sister city: intelligent, gelatinous beings, born from some strange interaction of Chemo's chemical innards, Captain Atom's quantum radiation, the unearthly energies of the New Gods, and the biological material of tens of thousands of Blüdhaven residents. The Man of Steel makes first contact, but will he find himself fighting these strange life forms, or defending them from the true monsters who reside in Command-D?

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