Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 183

From the Old Faithful geyser to the Mammoth Hot Springs, many of the interesting features at Yellowstone National Park are fueled by the Yellowstone Caldera, a "supervolcano" situated over a volcanic hot spot. While the caldera has been fairly dormant for quite some time, it tends to erupt every six hundred thousand years or so, causing widespread destruction and potentially affecting weather and climate globally. Now, six hundred and forty thousand years since the last eruption, we're overdue, and certain indicators have scientists worried that the caldera will soon blow its top. But it seems that some people just aren't content with waiting. Volcana and Geomancer have found their way to the geographic center of the caldera in northwestern Wyoming, and they're ready to blow the volcano sky-high if the nations of North America fail to meet their demands. While authorities negotiate with the tectonic terrorists, Superman leads Terra and Sand into a battle for the fate of the continent!

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