Thursday, January 06, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 169

Curtis Howe Springer started up the Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Health Spa in what would come to be called Zzyzx, California, in 1944, choosing the site for the lost mineral springs he'd discovered there. The fact that no such springs existed didn't stop him from charging visitors to treat their ailments with "mineral spring water," pumped to the baths from a secret boiler. It wasn't the first bit of fraud and trickery that Springer had engaged in, but it may have been the most successful, until investigations forced him off the land in the '70s. But when Superman walks down Zzyzx Road, he finds that there may have been a kernel of truth to Springer's claims about mysticism in the place. Instead of traveling toward Interstate 15, Zzyzx Road leads him to Dimension 5! Superman expected his travels to lead him to some strange places, but never would have guessed a trip across America to lead him to the extradimensional world of Zrfff! Now the Man of Steel turns to Mr. Mxyzptlk and his impish kin, to help him return to his home dimension--or he'll remain in this zany world forever!


Eric TF Bat said...

Namrepus! Namrepus!

Dang. Didn't work. Ummm...

Le-Lak! Tnek Kralc! Leets fo Nam! Levram Siloportem! Tuocs Yob Eulb Gib-- ZAAAPPP!!!

Ah, that worked.

Tom Foss said...

Did you say Nanerpus?